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McCracken for Congress – Progress Report – 3/6/2008

This week, I came across the saying "Before you try to tell someone how much you know, show them how much you care." I think that sums up what every political candidate should do when trying to connect with voters.

Early last week, I spoke with a family in DuBois about my campaign and what they felt was the biggest problem they are facing. Without hesitation, the mother said "Mark, the rising cost of gas and heating oil is making it tough on my family." Another person told me when we talked about the stimulus checks that Washington will be sending out "I hope I get mine soon, I need another tank of oil to get through the cold months."

When you hear these two stories, do you think Washington cares and understands? Members of Congress touted when the stimulus package was passed "we're giving back money to the people so they can go out and buy something." The reality is that many people will use the funds to pay off existing debt or buy basic necessities. And, if everyone in Washington would be honest, the stimulus package was the incumbent members of Congress sending you a check in an election year so you’ll remember them in November.

I am encouraged to hear from people that they are concerned about the issues I'm talking about. People are telling me they are tired of the federal government spending beyond its means and running up debt that our children and grandchildren will have to pay for. Regardless of political affiliation, citizens in the 5th district want fiscal responsibility. I am also hearing that people want a congressman who knows north central Pennsylvania and will deal with the problems of the region.

$350,000 SPENT IN 29 DAYS!!!!
The Centre Daily Times reported today that one of the Republican candidates has spent $350,000 in just 29 days of the campaign. That amounts to $12,068.96 dollars per day. Let's put this into perspective, a person working at the current federal minimum wage of $5.85 per hour x 40 hours a week x 52 weeks in a year = $12,168 before taxes. Is this the type of person you want for your next congressman?

Our campaign was proud to announce the following endorsements during this past week: Keith Bierly former 4 term Centre County Commissioner, Mike Savage Rush Township Supervisor (Centre County), Jeff Pisarcik current second term Jefferson County Commissioner and Raymond Snyder former Mifflin County Commissioner.

The McCracken for Congress committee is planning a fundraising dinner in DuBois on Wednesday, March 19th. If you are interested in attending and have not received an invitation, provide your mailing address via email to Also, please tell your friends about our campaign and encourage them to visit our web page where they can find a link to contribute to the campaign online via ActBlue.

We welcome all questions from the progressive blogosphere. We feel we are in tune with the expectations of what kind of Congressman we need. Mark has the experience and desire to answer questions from 5th District residents and interested parties.

I want to thank everyone who sent along condolences on the passing of my father Blair McCracken. He was a lifelong, working man's Democrat who fought for his country in World War II and was always a big part of my political campaigns. When I spoke with him in January and asked his advice about running for Congress, he paused for a few seconds, pointed his finger at me and said "whatever you do, if you get to Washington, don’t let them change you." That was the last advice he gave me and I won’t forget it.

Mark B. McCracken
Your Candidate For Congress

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