Thursday, February 28, 2008

Meeting with the Jefferson County Democratic Committee

Tonight, Mark B. McCracken addressed the Jefferson County Democratic Committee in Reynoldsville.

The meeting was brought to order by Mr. Lou Inzana - Jefferson County Chair. Other board officials in attendance were Ms. Linda Bodnar - Treasurer and Donald Hilliard - former county commissioner.

Mark addressed a major issue facing the 5th District: fiscal responsibility. He specifically spoke about the upcoming stimulus plan.

While it may seem that the government is handing out free money, most Americans will use this money to pay down debt, not go on massive shopping sprees. Just where is this money coming from? How will it affect the massive debt the government is carrying? Simply printing money isn't the solution. It will only deepen the hole.

This issue is directly attached to our Middle East strategy, or lack thereof. We have now spent 3/4 of a TRILLION dollars on this war ($750,000,000,000). Yet we still find ways to give tax breaks to the rich and subsidies to the oil industry. People of the 5th District end up paying $100+ per barrel in oil and over $3.00 at the pump to give money to a business enjoying record profits. Families in the district will face exorbitant costs for heating oil this winter and the foreseeable future. Do we penalize our families as well with this stimulus? Facts are this stimulus will do nothing to solve the long-term issues facing the 5th District.

Had enough?

Mark also directly addressed the growing alternatives to oil, including the brand new construction of an Ethanol plant in Clearfield County. This plant will provide a boost to the local industrial base and provide hundreds of jobs. What was done in Clearfield County can happen in all areas of the district.

Mark wants to bring his message to the people of the 5th District. He has the grassroots experience knocking on doors and addressing his constituents' needs. He more than welcomes the opportunity to discuss the issues from a committee style speech or in a one-on-one sit-down conversation.

Join the growing movement to turn this district BLUE!

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