Monday, November 3, 2008

McCracken for Congress -- Staying Positive with a Message of Hope and Change

There really isn't a lot left to say as we head into the final 48 hours of the campaign. First, and most important, Kelly, Amanda and I want to thank everyone who has helped in any way with the campaign. The one thing I will take away from this experience, regardless of the outcome on Tuesday, is the people I've met, the communities I've visited and the stories we've shared.

It has also been encouraging how many people have stepped up over the last 2 weeks to help with donations to the campaign. Once our opponent got desperate and decided to go negative there were many people and organizations who stepped up and sent in late donations. These late donations allowed us to expand our media advertising and create a second TV ad to combat the distortions coming from our opponent's campaign. I think once they realized they offered no ideas or solutions for the 5th district, the only way they could win was to trot out the usual wedge issues and scare the voters into thinking I'm someone that I'm not. Now we know how Barack Obama feels.

I want to close out this campaign on a positive note. Keep encouraging everyone you know to get out and vote on Tuesday. Remind them that while the top of the ballot for President is the race everyone is interested in, the next most important race is the 5th district race. This is our chance to reverse 8 years of bad policy and take our future back. Tuesday will be historical and we can be part of it by sending a Democrat to Congress from the 5th district for the first time in 30 years. Most important to remember – the Democratic message throughout the long campaign has been a positive one stressing HOPE and CHANGE.

Review of the Past Week on the Campaign Trail:

I participated in several additional debates / forums with the other 2 candidates for the 5th district seat this week. There was really nothing new to report as both my opponents stayed on script with the expected answers to the usual questions. After going through this process, I am pleased that we did so many debates across the 5th district. Voters across the district had many opportunities to come out and see the candidates in person and hear where we stand on the issues.

We had a great GOTV rally in Clarion on Saturday with a nice turnout of people from the Clarion area including members of the Clarion University Young Democrats and members from the IUPAT union. I was honored to share the stage with PA House candidate Matt Ellenberger, Clarion County Democratic Chairman Bill Miller and IUPAT National President James Williams.

I had 2 big highlights this week -- Meeting former President Bill Clinton in State College and meeting our next Vice President, Senator Joe Biden at a rally in Williamsport.

Mark meets and receives the endorsement of Bill Clinton
Meeting our next VP Joe Biden in Williamsport
It was an honor to meet both of these great men and it is something I will always remember. I learned that Senator Biden and I have something in common. He also served as a county commissioner in Delaware before he was elected to the United States Senate.

Here is a picture from the rally in Williamsport that appeared in the Lock Haven newspaper.

The gathering in Williamsport

Schedule for Upcoming Week:

Monday -- 7 PM -- DuBois Democratic Committee Meeting

Tuesday -- Election Day

Wednesday & Beyond -- To Be Decided by the Voters in the 5th District.

Mark B. McCracken
Your Candidate for Congress

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