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McCracken for Congress -- Weekly Update -- July 13th, 2008

DEP Rejects Permit Application for PA Waste / Boggs Township Landfill.

I'm pleased to report the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has rejected the permit application filed by PA Waste LLC to construct a 5,000 ton per day municipal waste landfill in Boggs Township, Clearfield County. As county commissioner, I've been working over the past 4 years, first with Rex Read and Mike Lytle, and now with John Sobel and Joan Robinson McMillen, to oppose the construction of this landfill in Clearfield County.

Elected leaders including State Rep. Camille George, county officials and many township and borough officials also worked to oppose this landfill. However, there are more important people to congratulate for this outcome. Since August of 2004 when it was first announced that the site in Boggs Township was being targeted for the development of a landfill, a group of committed citizens led by Darryl Lashinsky, Paula Norris, Randy Levin, Leo Knepp and others, met faithfully month after month to oppose the landfill.

The announcement on Friday, July 11th that PA Waste's permit application had been rejected was a direct result of citizen involvement and their expectations that government would protect the interests of the citizens over the interests of a corporate entity. While PA Waste still has the right to appeal this decision or submit a new application at a later date, this is, at least for the time being, a small victory for the people of central Pennsylvania.

Some people will question how the Boggs Township landfill is an issue for a congressional campaign. With several communities in the 5th congressional district targeted for landfill development, our next congressman should be interested and involved in these issues. Additionally, I feel our leaders in Washington should be paying more attention interstate commerce laws and try to control the flow of garbage. Not only are states legally sending their environmental problems to other states, but, our nation's fuel supplies are being depleted faster when thousands of trucks per day are moving garbage hundreds of miles to pristine rural areas like central Pennsylvania. This is an issue I've been involved in and I hope voters in the 5th district will consider this when choosing their next congressman.

Cook Report Changes Rating for 5th District Race

Recently, the Cook Political Report changed the race in the 5th District from "Solid Republican" to "Likely Republican". The Cook Report has a 7 position rating scale that runs "Solid Republican", "Likely Republican", "Leans Republican", "Toss Up", "Leans Democratic", "Likely Democratic" and "Solid Democratic". While we're not in a "Toss Up" race yet, this is positive news for our campaign and proves if we continue to work hard and spread our message, voters are listening and giving strong consideration to where we stand on the issues.

As we move forward in the campaign I feel certain we will see additional positive gains in voter support and registration numbers. One area where we can count on solid results is in Centre County. They already have an impressive ground campaign underway, not only for Barack Obama, but for the entire slate of Democratic candidates. We can also be encouraged by the solid support and interest we are receiving in all 17 counties throughout the 5th district. Even more encouraging is that our efforts are getting recognition from a national entity like the Cook Report. Can you feel the momentum building?

Scheduled Events for the Upcoming Week:

Tuesday July 15th -- Jefferson County Fair -- 5 to 9 PM*
* - May make additional appearance at Jefferson County Fair if time allows.

Wednesday July 16th -- Lycoming County Fair -- 4 to 8 PM

Thursday July 17th -- Clearfield
McCracken for Congress Dinner
5:30 to 7:30 PM -- Lawrence Township Fire Company Social Hall -- Mill Road Clearfield
Cost - $20 per person
Event catered by The Country Butcher -- Door Prizes

Thursday July 17th -- Clearfield County Democratic Committee Meeting -- 7 -- 9 PM
IBEW Building, Clearfield, PA

Friday July 18th -- Tioga County
McCracken for Congress Picnic
4-8 pm - Hills Creek State Park, Crabapple Pavilion
Cost - $10.00 per person, $18.00 per couple, $25.00 per Family
Hot Dogs, salads, desserts and water, iced tea and lemonade to be served.
RSVP by July 16th to either Ann Gazda at 570-724-1449 / email or Bonne Kyofski at 570-827-3231 / email

Saturday July 19th -- Curwensville Days Parade -- 6 PM

Sunday July 20th -- Lock Haven -- Clinton County
McCracken for Congress Dinner
3:30 to 5:30 PM -- Sons of Italy Hall -- Downtown Lock Haven
Cost - $20 per person.
After dinner, although not an official part of the campaign event, people are encouraged to take part in the concert held at the riverfront amphitheatre which will feature a performance from a band featuring classic rock. NOTE -- bring lawn chairs in case the stands are filled.

Please contact for additional details on the above events.

Weekly Event Wrap Up:

During this past week we attended the following events:

Monday: DuBois Democratic Committee Meeting

Tuesday: Potter County Democratic Committee Meeting

Thursday: SEIU Interview in Harrisburg, Visit to Lycoming County Democratic / Obama Headquarters in Williamsport, Philipsburg Heritage Days / Democratic Booth

Saturday: Philipsburg Heritage Days Parade, Central PA Festival of the Arts -- State College and a visit to Centre County Democratic Headquarters.

Mark B. McCracken
Your Candidate For Congress

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