Monday, May 12, 2008

McCracken for Congress -- Progress Report -- May 12, 2008

Unity is the Key in 2008: As I've been meeting with people since the primary election, I can tell that Democratic voters in the 5th district are unifying behind our campaign and identifying with our message. Before the primary election, I felt certain if the Democratic candidates made our campaigns about the important issues and trusted the voters to make their choice on election day, it would be easy for Democrats to unite behind the winner for the general election campaign.

During the time I was out campaigning and seeking support, I spoke with many people who were up front and informed me of their support for either Rick Vilello or Bill Cahir. Early on, I made the decision to spend an equal amount of time with everyone, regardless if they were supporting me, one of my opponents or were still undecided. I even took the time to speak with voters who identified themselves as Republican, Independent or were registered with other parties.

While there were many important strategic decisions I had to make with the direction of the campaign, I feel this was possibly the key that will keep our momentum going throughout the summer. We were able to quickly move on from the primary campaign, unify the Democratic base and be ready for the real challenge – electing a Democrat in the 5th Congressional District on November 4th. I also feel the foundation has been laid to attract those crossover votes we need to win this race.

On the national level, we need to have the same unity behind our nominee for President. Everyone needs to realize the problems facing our country must be solved and we have to elect a leader at the top who can handle the challenge. Our democracy is at a critical point and important decisions must be made starting in January of 2009.

We've seen the last 2 presidential elections produce very controversial outcomes that have weakened our faith in the process and caused other countries to doubt our democratic form of government. In 2000, we watched as ballots in Florida were counted, recounted and eventually uncounted and the only result history will remember is 5-4 from the Supreme Court. Then, in 2004, our party's nominee was "Swift Boated" and we watched as the final outcome from Ohio was only slightly less controversial than the Florida 2000 result.

In 2008, we must not allow the other side to manipulate the process to their advantage. We have to be unified on all levels so we can elect people who will solve the problems facing our country. Waiting another 4 years is not an option.

The Week in Review: This week saw trips on Monday to DuBois for the DuBois City Democratic Committee Meeting and on Tuesday to Coudersport for the Potter County Democratic Committee Meeting. Additionally, I've had several meetings this week with people who will be taking key roles with the campaign as we move forward. Things are going to start getting busy over the last 2 weeks in May with events in State College and Clearfield this week and Tioga County the following week. Then, there will be several important events around Memorial Day and we get real busy in June, July and August with county fairs, parades and a regular diet of corn dogs and funnel cakes.

Mark B. McCracken
Your Candidate for Congress

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